More Funny Tales

So about two weeks ago my Aunt and Uncle came to visit from Ohio and we all got to meet there new darling 9 month old daughter.

And one of the first days there were in town family got together for a BBQ. So Dave and I made the drive up to Mapleton to Grandma and Grandpas house. The traffic at that time was terrible From PG to Lindon it was stop and go and added on 30 minutes to our travel time.
Upon reaching Grandpa house we were about 30 minutes late. But... there were no other cars there. And given our family size, there should have been at least 3 other cars. Confusion and concern set in. Maybe they went to a park or something, but doubtful considering how big and nice Grandpas yard is.
So using my handy dandy iPhone I pull up the email from my aunt talking about the BBQ time, place and what every one needed to bring.
And this is when my blood began to boil. I had honestly never been so upset with myself in my life.
In prepping for this BBQ I had failed to realize it was at my Aunts house. In Highland. In. Highland....
For those of you who are not familiar with Utah or where I live... I live in Eagle Mountain. My aunts house is just about 35 minutes from our house. Mapleton is an hour, not including the lovely traffic we sat in. So we turned around, I, yelling at myself the entire time, my hands clenched in fists, and Dave laughing hysterically and made it to my aunt and uncles house, 2 hours late.

It is defiantly one of those things Dave will never let me live down.

I guess my true hair color really is blond.... 

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