It's been a while since I blogged! But we have been so busy with lots of fun awesome plans!

It was my birthday last week (yay 21!) so I spent the day with my girlfriend Michelle, and Davey. We enjoyed a yummy as always lunch at the Cheesecake Factory. We then walked around the City Creek mall. I had been there twice before but was always very limited on time in how much store browsing we could do, so this time was nice cause I finally got to go into all the cool stores I was excited about, particularly Restoration Hardware. I had been there once before with my family in Virginia but it seriously is one of the coolest stores. It makes me want to work hard so I can be rich and famous so I can buy all my furniture from that store.

Their couches are really something else.

After the mall we went to Seven Peaks. If you have not bought a Seven Peaks pass, you should! Yes, it's very busy there, but it's worth it! I am so glad we bought them and we are getting nice and tan thanks to them! My goal for this summer is to be a tan mofo by the end of the summer and have ridden all the slides in both water parks!

We had planned to go to a BBQ with some friends after that but I was wiped out! (Sorry Alysha!)

My family sent me a box with some adorable owl salt and pepper shakers, a gift card to the Cheesecake Factory (yay! We get to go back!) a belt and a purse from Megan.

What should I name my purse? I use to always name my purses. My first purse that I remember being in love with was black with a big white star on it, named La'Vern.

I think this guy, yeah, he's a guy, looks angry, so I was thinking of calling him Flippin'.... Flippin', the Bird. LoL. I make myself laugh....

And a cute fruit filled vase from Michelle Belle

As you can see it was a bird filled birthday =)

Random photo from Won Won date with Dave.

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