My Tales of Going Blond

So a few weekends ago I randomly decided I wanted to bleach my hair and dye it blond. So we bought a few boxes of blond hair dye.

My hair really is quite dark, so honestly, the dye hardly did anything other than make it look kinda red/orange. So I starting looking things up online, which I should have done first.... But....  All of which advised that I would need to bleach it before putting any dye, particularly when hair is really dark, like mine. So I bought one box of bleach thinking that would be fine. Wrong. Back to the store for a second box. This is going on maybe like 6 hours of working on my hair. By the end of the second bleach my hair was still pretty orange in spots, white in some, and still brown in lots of spots. Not to mention my red, sore scalp and straw like hair. Pretty bad. I was like, ok I will give it a break and try bleaching it again later.

The first photo I posted on Facebook was extremely deceptive thanks to Instagram filters. The back, around my ears and the under layers of the right side were really blotchy. I honestly should have taken photos of each step in the process and the terrible blotchiness of it. And thank heavens I was not in any way emotional or sensitive about it. People comments just cracked me up, "Oh it's not too bad." "You'll get it to be how you want it." "One day you will be a pretty blond". Honestly every time I looked in the mirror I just laughed at myself. It was so bad and comical.

I went to visit a friend to drop off a CD of pictures who does hair and her face was priceless over how blotchy it was. She so kindly sat me down in her at home salon and was a miracle worker, making it pretty much all one color. Thanks girl!

As of now it's been 2 weeks since she did her bleach treatments on it, and my roots are growing in. My hair is so dark and grows supernaturally fast. It's really insane how quickly my hair grows. To keep up with it I will probably have to do the roots every 10 days. I want to keep working on it. Today I will probably bleach it again, and I have been thinking about doing the under layers a light pink or a light purple, just to be crazy and unique. But I'm sure sooner rather then later I will start getting sick of constantly bleaching it and just give up. I think I will dye it red next!

And I really love how this pink head band looks in my hair being blond. I never really liked it with my brown hair, but I love it with blond! So funny!

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