You Tube

I have recently become a You Tube addict over the past few months. It is probably super dorky of me that I spend so much time watching You Tube, but it's free, hilarious and a great way to kill time when I'm bored!

The first You Tube vloggers I started watching are Jenna Marbles, and Daily Grace.

Sometimes with both these girls I watch and I am like, what am I watching? But generally, pretty hilarious.

Jenna Marbles is as far as I had last read, one of the top most watched vloggers on You Tube. I'll warn you, she has mouth on her. So, if you have sensitive ears, you probably don't want to click play below....

Grace swears, but she bleeps it out, and does not swear hardly as much as Jenna.

The most interesting thing about both of these girls is the fact that they both make videos as their full time job..... They are paid, from what I've found, significant amounts of money to do what they do. #livingthedream

My Drunk Kitchen is a funny one too....

And a new favorite -- beautifully videographed cooking videos


And some other awesome videos you should watch;

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