Bleaching My Hair - Tips on Keeping Your Hair Healthy

You may remember my post about how I bleached my hair back in May. I still have it blonde and it is a lot of work, but I like it. 

I can't tell you how many people talk about how bad it so for my hair and tell me horror stories of bleaching. To get it blonde was really hard since my hair was so dark to begin with. I defiantly should have had a professional do it, or at least have someone helping me and make sure I didn't miss any spots, because I missed a lot of spots. But keeping it blonde isn't that bad. It takes about a hour and a half to do, and I bleach the roots every 10-14 days. But my hair is not horribly damaged like so many horror stories I have heard. People talk about their hair being like straw or breaking off or falling out excessively. I haven't had any problems. I do have more stray hairs then I previously did but I am not loosing so much that I feel it's a problem or to the extent that I feel I am balding.

What bleach you use is very important. When I first did it I was using Splat.

To be honest I had a hard time finding bleach and it was one of the few I could find, so it was what I used. It comes with shampoo and a conditioning treatment, all of which smell terrible. During the bleaching it has a super toxic smell. Our bathroom doesn't have a window, actually none of the bathrooms in our house have windows, which I hate. So I often have to step out of the bathroom for some fresh air. Also, my scalp tends to be tender for a day or two after.

After using Splat my hair is very straw like. I do a conditioning treatment after rinsing out the bleach and then again, a day or two after. I don't do anything fancy for a conditioning treatment, I just use my Tresemm√© conditioner and let it set for 20-30 minutes. I am a die hard Tresemm√© user as I feel it's the best conditioner for my hair. I recommend making sure you are using a conditioner that does a very good job of  moisturizing your hair. Sometimes the fruity brands (ie Herbal Essence) despite smelling good, won't really do good, at least for my hair.

I do most of my grocery shopping at Smiths, and they don't carry Splat, so one time, instead of going to Walmart and Smiths, I just bought L'Oreal Paris, Feria bleach.

It was a little bit more expensive then the Splat, I don't remember by how much, but soooo worth it. While bleaching I wasn't over powered by a sickening chemical smell, my scalp wasn't hurting at all, and my hair was incredibly soft and silky immediately after bleaching. Also, the bleach went a million times farther. With Splat, I have barely enough to do my roots. With L'Oreal I had enough to bleach All My Hair. And I have a lot of very thick hair. So that's amazing! It also came with an anti-brass conditioner that I use once a week and the small tube has lasted about 3 weeks.

If you choose to venture into the world of being a blonde, make sure you don't go cheap and maybe do a little research on what brands are good....

Even if you use the cheap bleach, your hair Will be okay, despite what other people might say, you just will want to make sure you condition it. I can see how your hair would be in a terrible condition if you didn't take care of it. But it's not that hard to do a weekly conditioning treatment. I also wash my hair only every other day, some times waiting longer. Most people recommend this, even if your hair is not died as frequent washing strips your hair of needed, natural oils.

Also, I don't ever do any heated styling (curling, straightening) which may be very hard for some people. Any time I do style my hair I use a coconut oil, anti-frizz cream and gel. These help my hair stay silky and avoid tangles as I am styling. There are a lot of no-heat hair styling tips to help save your hair from heat.

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