Flash Back Friday

I know a lot of people do a Throw Back Thursday, where they post a photo or story of them a year, three years, whatever ago, today. Today I am doing a Flash Back Friday, because I'm unique.  =) 

Last year at this time I was in Virginia with my family. Oh how I wish I was there now! I can't even begin to tell you.... 

Here is a bit from a blog post on the 29th of July about being in Virginia;

"As we were walking out of the airport, Megan whispers to me, "Go like this," pointing her hand, gun like, at dad, "Go Bang, Bang, Bang."
"Why?" I ask.
"Just do it. I'll explain after."
Hesitantly, "gun" pointed at Dad, I say, "Bang, Bang, Bang."
Dad then sighs loudly, "Oh that's mean."
My family has a new game where each day they kill each other by pointing a gun shaped hand and saying "Bang, Bang Bang." Whoever is left standing wins at the end of the day. And it's a new game each day.
As they drove to the airport to retrieve me, just as the clock struck Midnight, a new day, my dad "killed" everyone in the car."

I'm so grateful that I blog rather consistently. I am such a forgetful person and I don't remember anything if I don't write it down. And sometimes I blog silly things to share, inform and entertain, but overall the main reason I blog is for me. It's such a treat to go back and read things I have forgotten about that help jog my memory. I hope if your are not blogging, your are journal-ing.   

The below photos were all taken a year ago, today;

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