When Dave and I were first married these were are a frequent late night treat. Oh the memories! These dessert burritos are super cheap, easy and oh so yummy! 

We use uncooked tortillas, you could make your own, or if you use pre-cooked ones, you will just want to add a little oil on them to help the sugar and cinnamon stick ---  rub sugar and cinnamon onto them, fry them lightly for about 60 seconds each. Keep an eye on them because the sugars can burn easily. Allow to slightly cool so the ice cream doesn't melt as soon as you put scoop it out, add a couple scoops of ice cream and roll up.

You could add sooo many different toppings or change them up in so many ways.

We went to the Payson Scottish festival this weekend -- I'll share some pics once I get a chance to go through them!

Here is the awesome jug we bought;

It is so beastly, and so awesome.

And the book I started reading this weekend which I am enjoying more then I expected;

What do you recommend I read next??

Happy weekend!

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