Year Books

So thanks to the wonderful Pinterest I saw this awesome idea -- Family Year Books! I love it!

So I designed a 2011 year book! And plan to get it printed soon. There is not a whole lot for us to put in it now, but I think it would be so fun to just have a book shelf full of family year books down down down the road. I started working on a 2012 book, and realized I have hardly taken any pictures so far this year. Yikes! I'll have to make sure I take lots as the year goes on.

Here is an e-version of our 2011 book -

Click to play this Smilebox photo album

Have you ever printed a photo book? I have done some research on photo books and where to print --

My requirements were at least 20 pages, 11x8 in size, hard cover;

both leather bound and custom cover books
30 pages
Starting at $24.99

Soft cover, dust jacket and custom cover books
Starting at $31.95 for custom cover
20 Pages

Starting at $19.95
20 Pages
Lots of  adorable layout options, layout choice changes price of book.

Starting at $24.99
Fabric cover or custom cover

All of these places seem pretty easy to navigate -- but I don't know how the quality of each one looks. I would say Costco and Blurb are the most popular ones, but Shutterfly is teamed up with Tiny Prints who have the cutest pre-made designs I have ever seen.

Have you ordered from any of the places above? Or any other places? 


  1. Cute video book! I've done Costco and Shutterfly. Sign up for emails for Shutterfly, they are constantly sending out coupons for 50% off etc. Costco did fine but Shutterfly had better quality. Good luck!