Have I talked about seeing the new Bourne movie? I dunno if I have but I saw it again with the girls for girls night. The first time I went and saw it with Dave, the theater we were in was huge. Easily the biggest auditorium I have been in. Your average theater goes up to the letter J. This one went up to U. Huge. At one point during the movie I had to go potty, and couldn't wait, it felt like it took forever to walk down all those stairs. It is a super action packed movie and definitely worth seeing on the big screen. One thing that I thought was super cute is Aaron (basically the new Bourne) and his heart throb, played by Rachel Weisz, (and this may be a spoiler for some) they never kiss, and there is no sex in the movie. They just hug and hold hands, it's super cute. And he has such nice hands.....

 I have a hard time following those movies so seeing it a second time was great and helped me fill in the parts I missed. Although I still don't get why he hides his pills in his boot at the beginning and says he lost them...?

I also got to meet and play with Julie's new puppy, Drake. He is so cute, but makes me so sad since I wish he was mine!

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