Care For False Eyelashes

I have started wearing false eyelashes pretty consistently and I have had people ask me things like, are they hard to take off, do they hurt to take off, how many times can you reuse them? Some people have even told me that wearing fake eyelashes too often will make your natural ones fall out.

So for all things that are new to you, whether it be dying your hair, trying new make up products or starting to wear false eyelashes, do some research first. Please! Don't just go into something blindly and think, "yeah I think this is a good idea. We'll see." Realize that things like dying your hair, and wearing fake eyelashes require some know-how and upkeep.

To be honest, if it's hurting or your natural ones are falling out, you're doing something wrong. In regards to how to take them off, lots of You Tube videos advise to just gently tug them off. Please don't do this. Soak them in some way first. I will sometimes wear them in the shower, and then the heat will just make them fall off on their own. No tugging necessary. Or use a eye make up remover, soak a cotton pad and let it sit on your eye for about 30 seconds and the lash will just come off on it's own. Again, no tugging is needed! 

You can usually reuse them for about 5 uses, give or take depending on how nice they are. Make sure to clean them off getting as much mascara off of them and carefully pull off the glue which should be pretty easy after you have taken them off as the glue will be warm, or soft still.

And that's it! It is a commitment. With anything, take the time to do it right and be careful! 

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