Dying My Hair

So you may recall a post I did just a little while ago talking about keeping my hair healthy while bleaching it. Well a little while after that post I decided I was sick of having blonde/white hair. So I bought a golden brown hair dye and used two boxes.

My hair looked grey after doing it. The color didn't take at all. So a couple days later I dyed it again. Not much better.

This pic, that I didn't use any iPhone filters on, makes it look a lot better then it was. I would just look down at my hair and hate it. It had/still has a ashy look to it.

My hair would seem dry when I bleached it, but after the dye jobs it was so dry, so frizzy and flat out crunchy. Crunchy. Not to mention it was basically falling out in globs. My roots had grown out about two inches, so my unbleached new roots somewhat took the color, and my hair was breaking off, everything but those new roots. So I had all these random pieces of two inch hair that loved to stick out no matter what I did.

I did a little research and found that when you bleach your hair repeatedly it opens up the hair follicles to let out the color and doesn't take new color well until they close up. So thus the reason my new roots took the color, but the rest of my hair did not.  And if you color your hair a lot of times in a small time frame it will just start breaking off.

I started doing a lot of conditioning treatments, using a coconut oil mask, and it helped, but still not great. So I just went in and got it chopped, cutting out most of the damage, and thinned which helped a lot.

So moral of the story. Don't experiment with your hair. Consult a professional.

Luckily I have never been a girl to care about my hair. With the globs of hair that were coming out in my hair brush or just when I ran my hands through my hair, most girls would have been a mess. And obviously I want it to be healthy, but if I get a bad hair cut from a cheap salon or anything along those lines, or if it falls out in globs, I've never cared because I know it will grow back. If you have ever wanted to do something unique or crazy with your hair, do it. It's just hair.

At some point down the road I plan to go back to blond, just for fun. But for now I'll have to live with old lady ash hair.

Happy Friday!

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