Happy Two Years to us!

on Monday Dave and I celebrated out two year wedding anniversary! Crazy! We didn't really do much, I made our new favorite, Lime and Coconut Chicken, nom nom. Just a note on that recipe, instead of just using 1/2 cup of coconut milk, I use 1 cup, and add in just a little extra of each spice, and then serve the extra sauce over rice, easy, yummy.

I also got the recipe for our wedding cake and made it! So yummy, lemon cake with a lemon curd filling and butter cream frosting.
You know how most couples save a layer of their wedding cake to eat on their one year anniversary? We planned on doing that, but we ended up eating the cake over the span of our first week of marriage because it was just too yummy. I heard that most cakes don't freeze well any ways =)
I am so glad to have the recipe and plan to make it every year! I think it will be so much fun once we have kids too!

We then watched the Five Year Engagement with Emily Blunt and Jason Segel. I seriously have the biggest crush on Emily Blunt, she is such a doll! And that movie is sooo funny. The ending is too adorable for words! We will for sure be buying it when it comes out!

A couple other random things I am going to share;

I bought these shoes via this site - only $16! I love them! Although I kinda wish I had gotten them in brown, but there isn't anything stopping me from buying a second pair! I will admit the site seemed a little sketchy, but they are perfect and arrived within 5 days of ordering!

Also, my sister in law Zoey sent me these earrings,

Zoey got the idea to stalk my Pinterest boards for a gift idea, genius! I <3 4th="4th" a="a" are="are" around="around" compliments="compliments" did="did" ever="ever" few="few" for="for" get="get" here="here" i="i" july.="july." lots="lots" of="of" on="on" out="out" p="p" pics="pics" share="share" some="some" the="the" them="them" they="they" those="those" visited="visited" wear="wear" when="when" win="win">

And fave of all time right here;

And remember how I blogged about using brown sugar as a body scrub? Well I have been doing it at least twice a week and it has really improved my skin complexion and has made it super soft. I will admit I have some stretch marks, and since using the brown sugar the color of them has gotten sooo much better! It's amazing. Seriously, try it.

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  1. I'm glad you like the earrings! I wanted to get something I knew you'd like and pinterest gave me all the answers.