Fake Eyelashes

So I am curious, who out there uses false eyelashes? I've met so many people, I have so many friends, I have shot so many clients who have insane eyelashes. Insane. My eyelashes are the wimpiest eyelashes you ever did see. And after editing a few sessions of some girls with some insane eyelashes recently I started doing a little research on eyelash treatments. Sure there are tons of products out there you can buy and apply that do help grow your lashes, most starting at $40 a tube. You can also go in and get eyelash extensions, normally $70 a treatment. Being the poor cheapo I am, I didn't want to spend more then $10. So I started looking into false eyelashes. Almost every single eye make up tutorial I watched on You Tube included adding fake eyelashes.

So I hit up Walmart (cheapo to the max I tell you) and bought a $1 pair of ELF lashes. Can't say no to a buck. ELF products are a hit in a miss, so I didn't have super high hopes, but I figured it would be a good tester pair. They had a natural lash kit, and a dramatic lash kit, I just got the natural.

So I watched a few You Tube videos since this was the very first time I had ever even tried putting them on. What would I ever do without the internet? Here are the tips I found best;

Do all your eye make up first
Do a fairly thick line of black eyeliner along your lash line as a bit of a filler
Check the size of the lash on your eye, and trim if needed
Bend the lashes a little bit first, to help them be a little curved to your eye
Just directly apply the glue to the base of your lashes, let sit for about 15-20 seconds, and apply lashes
Make sure you get plenty of glue on corners
Use mascara and eye lash curler to help your natural combine with the falsies

These two videos helped the most for me;

So here is a one with, one without picture;

Pathetic, right? The difference is insane.

And here is the finished product, red lipstick included;

I've started having this thing with red lipstick. More women need to wear red lipstick more often. I think it's such a little thing, that makes a huge amazing difference. Red lipstick and red nails always make me feel like a million bucks. Try it. I tell you. Be brave. Do it. You will get a million compliments and your day will be better, because of your lipstick.

So, no lie, I am feeling addicted to wearing falsies, so I will try other brands, ya da ya da and share any tips I have!

Happy Friday! 

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