Farmers Market and Deer Creek

Today we went up to the SLC Farmers Market. This summer has gone by so fast! We didn't go to the Farmers Market as much as I would have loved, so we hit it up for what probably will be the last time for the summer. I usually just take pictures with my iPhone (#lazy) but I was determined to actually have my legit camera out and not miss a thing. Super happy with the pics I got. I love all the people watching! 

This guy was playing near the entrance. He had quite the crowd. 

HD video on Facebook

Some random fun products

Musicians. So young! 

And the old.


The always popular, always busy Mint Limeade stand.

Should have taken more produce pics! 

The best sausages + veggies you will ever eat.... Ever. We came up a few weeks ago and were soooo sad to not see them there, but were sooo happy when they were there today! 

Served by a group of elderly people with thick Italian accents. They have a restaurant called Marcello's Italian in Bountiful. We will have to make a trip up to it some time.

Also bought a basket of Brigham City peaches. I looove the basket! New photography prop!

And also bought a tub of Raspberry Honey butter from Knight Family Honey based out of Lehi. We bought I tub of it last year from the market and I ate the entire thing, by myself, in 5 days. So this time we bought two. One is mine, one is Dave's =)

We then went to Deer Creek reservoir just to soak up some sun and swim a little. I got some serious sun, a little too much, but I'm not complaining! 

And finally, Rumbi for dinner. Nom.

And here was my make up for today before it melted off and we went swimming. Proud of it =)

Oh and finally edited these pics today;

He makes me so excited to see what my kids will look like, I can definitely see some Pugh in him (from my mom's side). I hope our kids have deep dark brown eyes, gorgeous eyelashes and crazy blond curls (Cavanaugh side)! And no I am not contradicting my recent post, cause I'm not baby hungry =)

Happy Saturday! 

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