New Years Resolutions

Is it weird that I have still been keeping my New Years resolutions in the back of my head? Who does that? Well, I have. Sadly I have not really done many of them....

Learn how to put on eyeliner -- Check! And learned how to put on fake eyelashes and got brave and started wearing lipstick regularly =)

Buy a house, or find a place to rent that's allows pets Not going to even bother renting. In the midst of the  house buying process now! --We tried making offers on two places. Neither worked out. We tried renting a decent place in Provo, thought we had that in the bag.... But that fell through. And haven't come across something in our budget that we feel is worth moving into. Can we catch a break, please?

Adopt a dog Once we buy a house! Which, pray is sooner rather then later. -- Still heartbreakingly puppy hungry.  

Travel at least 3 times, out of state with the hubby, and hopefully out of the country at least one of those times Went to Moab and going to Virginia for Christmas. 

Go somewhere awesome for my 21st birthday Nope
Cook more unique, gourmet meals Meh, goes in waves. Made homemade rolls for what I think was the first time a couple weeks ago. At first there were dense as bricks, but rather then throwing away all the extra dough I froze it. Took it out to use yesterday, gave it plenty of time to rise and they were perfect! Also made churros for the first time the other day! =)

Perfect my alfredo recipe. Better, but not quite perfect
Perfect a pizza crust recipe. I have made many pizzas and still no luck. Still hunting. 
Finish the redecoration of our bedroom by May Gave up on that to some degree due to the being depsarate to move thing.
Read and write more Semi Check, I have started writing two books that I would like to e-publish asap. Need more inspiration! 
I want to do more artful sessions.  I haven't done lots of "artful" sessions but I have tried to shoot much more uniqely and creatively, trying to make each session a work of art and I am really happy with so many of the sessions I have shot this year! 

Take better care of my hair - Huge yes and no. I bleached my hair which was super fun, but not the best thing for my hair... Now I am back to dark hair for those of you who hated the blond =)

Get a professional mani/pedi Not yet

So I have a few things I need to do before the end of the year! The year is not fully over and the really didn't really play out like I wanted it to but above all I am really happy with how my photography has been changing and am excited for what the future holds for my art! 

Happy Wednesday! TGIW! 

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