Third Time is the Charm

So I had been on the hunt for a pair of pink skinny jeans ever since they started popping up all over Pinterest and ever since I shot this session; 

(yes I also want a mint pair)

I have a really hard time finding jeans that I love and that are comfortable. I decided to buy a pair off that were only $30 and I had a 20% off coupon. I had bought the brand Paris Blues before but it's been ages and I had no idea what size I am now. So I went off their sizing chart and measured myself exactly. Online they looked a bit darker then what I was wanting, but I was feeling a little desperate.

When they finally came in the mail they looked very cute but were easily 3, if not 4 sizes too big! Ug! So I hit up Old Navy and they have had colors in and out and in and out of stock on their website (I haven't been able to find the colors I want in any stores) and they finally had this lovely color in stock so I bought a pair immediately. 

When they finally arrived in the mail, this is what I ended up getting in the mail;

Obviously not what I ordered. And better yet, the color I wanted was sold out online, again. So I went into the stores in hopes they might have something so I wouldn't have to wait for shipping, again. Upon walking in they had these pants;

These are their Sweetheart skinny jeans, the above brown and pink pair are their Rockstar super skinnies. These Sweethearts were a little brighter of a pink but they fit so much better then the Rockstars! In the Rockstars (and all the reviews on their site reflect this) I had two go up two sizes. With the Sweethearts I am two sizes under what I normally wear. Gotta love inconsistent Old Navy sizes! I am just happy to finally have a cute pair of pink skinnies that are sooooo comfortable! 

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