The Defining Decade: Why Your Twenties Matter Part III

Part III Weak Ties

This chapter talks about networking outside of your group of friends to help expand your opportunities. People often feel like "they don't know anyone" but you probably know more influential people then you think... Don't be scared to ask around. Chances are your parents, teachers, and friends know someone who is working in the same field as you and can help you in some way.

When I originally read this chapter I thought, eh this doesn't really apply to me. But, ironically the same day I read this chapter I talked to someone I know distantly who owns a local boutique and wanted to hire me to take product photos as well as bring in occasional baked goods for customers. Nothing is set in stone yet and who knows what will come of it, but it made me think who else do I know, even distantly that I could work with and what other local shops could I work with as well? Photography and baked goods? My two favorites things I absolutely love doing. Even if I don't start doing it a lot, at least it's heading in the right direction of what I am wanting to do.... It also made me realize I need to try and create opportunities for myself, meeting with and networking the right people who I can offer my services to rather then just hoping someone finds me or that I might come across a sweet gig on Cragislist... 

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