The Defining Decade: Why Your Twenties Matter Part II

Part II

"The Starbucks phase" is a phase a lot of twentysomthings get stuck in. It's the idea of working at jobs they are overqualified for and are underpaid but are a way to pretend you are not working. Like working at a rock climbing facility or a hip coffee shop. They pay the bills and are fun, but with little direction or chances to move up.

"While these sorts of jobs can be fun, they also signal to future employers a period of lostness."

For any career, you should work to add things to your resume that point to that career. Many doctors to be work through school being a CNA or something along those lines since it's in the same field. Being in these sorts of jobs leads you to more opportunities. In the book she talks about another client who had gone to school in art, wanting to be a photographer. She is given the choice between two jobs, one at a hip coffee shop and one at an animation company at a "desk job". Not liking the idea of being stuck in a desk job, she leaned towards working at the coffee shop. But, with encouragement she took the job at the animation company and was lead to better opportunities that she would have certainly missed out on being a barista.

As I touched on a little bit in part one, we need to be open to opportunities but we need to be putting our selves in a place were we have the chance to find new opportunities. My chances of landing my dream photographer gig isn't going to happen in the customer service job I am currently doing. Even if I can't quit my "day job" I can still be putting my self out there. Working with local business owners who are in need of any photography, and building my portfolio in the direction I want to be going.

And again, I think we need to be open in letting the road take us where ever it's going to take us. It might not be what we had originally pictured but I think if we are heading in the right direction and doing what we need to do to reach our goals, the end result will be even better then what we originally pictured.

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