The Defining Decade: Why Your Twenties Matter Part IV

Part IV

"He felt overwhelmed by the prospect that he could swim anywhere or do anything. He was equally paralyzed by the fact that he didn't know which of the anythings would work out. - Pick a direction and start swimming. But you can't tell one way from the other, so you can't pick. You can't even tell if you're swimming toward something, so why would you use up all your energy going the wrong way? I guess all you can do is hope someone comes along in a boat or something."

I think many twentysomethings find themselves feeling this way. In this bit of the book it goes on to talk about how we are all encouraged to "shoot for the stars" and "the skies the limit" which is a nice thought, but a little too open ended. When it come down to  really making a decision you need to set our realistic options. And also realize that even a little while down the road, change is possible and if what you originally chose isn't working out, then you can change it.

I feel this is really where I am stuck. Do I want to do photography? Go into some form of culinary art? Or focus on my writing? All of these things are things that I really love and could see myself doing the rest of my life, but what's the best to choose from?

The next chapter, My Life Should Look Better on Facebook talks about comparing one's self via Facebook. Facebook is great for catching up and keeping in touch with old friends, but I have major comparison issues spawned by Facebook and I am sure I'm not the only one who does. I honestly would not care to keep my FB page if it didn't do so much for me in ways of free marketing. The author goes on to talk about realizing that we really aren't seeing the whole picture on FB. Few people share the negative parts of their lives, they just share the good stuff, the fun stuff. It's important to remember that comparing myself, comparing my life to what others have, won't help me improve.

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