This past weekend we went up to Snow Bird for Oktoberfest. The food was over priced, we should have brought coats, and there were a lot of loud people there. But a drive up the canyon was super pretty! Seriously, I wish I had more clients in Salt Lake!

We had a couple bratwursts but they really weren't anything amazing. They were also selling German chocolate cake, $6 a slice or..... $50 for an entire cake. Uh no thanks, I know I am a dang good chef and can make that at home.

It's crazy to me how much alcohol costs. The smallest glass being $11! Crazy! I can get myself dinner and dessert for that... No thanks.

We did try these that weren't too expensive.....

Bacon inside a syrup lathered waffle! Soooo yummy!

And Dave was kind enough to make our own at home a couple days later. Easy, amazing.

As I was taking the below photo;

Dave was walking behind me with the bowl of battered and it dropped. It literally exploded! I turn around and look at the very angry Dave, with two large blatter splashes on the top of his head. It went clear on the other side of the bar and the pot rack above the bar! But the waffles were super yummy! 

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