Thin Crust Test

I am still on the hunt for a new thin crust recipe so I hit up the wonderful Pinterest again and searched for a few more to test out. This is the one I found;

 via Tammy's Recipes 

What you need;

1/2 cup warm water (115 degrees)
1/2 teaspoon salt
1 1/3 cups all-purpose or bread flour
1 teaspoon dry yeast


1. To make crust, place warm water and salt into a medium mixing bowl. Add a cup of the flour and the yeast, and stir. Add remaining flour (1/3 cup) and stir or knead into a sticky dough, adding additional water if needed. Allow dough to rest, covered with a clean towel, for at least 10 minutes but up to 30-45 minutes. --- I allowed it to sit for the full 45 minutes.
2. Liberally butter a 16-inch round pizza pan, and then with your clean buttery hands, spread dough thinly over the pan. Be gentle and have patience, as this does make a perfectly thin crust! --- I used olive oil. For me it was rather easy to roll out. Very easy to work with.
3. Spread your sauce over the dough and allow to rest for 15 minutes or longer (up to 45 minutes). -- I only waited 10-15
4. Sprinkle your toppings evenly over sauce.
5. Bake pizza in a pre-heated 450-degree oven for 10 minutes or until top is browned and bubbly, and crust is slightly browned on the bottom. Watch carefully to avoid burning! --- I probably could have left mine in there longer as the bottom was not very brown, but the top was getting a little too brown. Maybe if I had preheated the pan before hand this would have given the dough more time to brown?

This is probably the best one I tried, crispy and very thin, great flavor, but a little dense. Maybe if I let it rise over night it might be a little more airy? Dave gave it a thumbs up and he's picky when it comes to his crust! 
As you can see in my picture just above it is a very thin crust. For this pizza it is just a chicken Alfredo pizza with mozzarella and Parmesan cheese. I don't think I am going too far in saying it was one of the best pizzas I have ever made. The Alfredo was particularly amazing as well and the only thing I did different was doubled the amount of fresh garlic and Parmesan I add in.

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