Keeping It Simple

Keeping it simple; 

My Resolutions

Reset (everything)
Run (get out)
Jannowrimo (cause I failed Nanowrimo)
Sleep (more)
(Be) Positive 
Pin less, do more

And of food, things I want to learn to make, or make better;

Homemade Pita Bread
And in turn, good homemade Gyros
A good Greek salad
A moist, flavorful turkey
More creative salads
More creative cupcakes
Find/create and perfect more copy cat recipes (to save on eating out!)

What I accomplished this year? It doesn't feel like much. Here are bits of my list from last year;

Learn how to put on eyeliner ----- Done, not great, but not bad.
Cook more unique, gourmet meals --- overall, I would say I did a pretty good job on this one
Perfect my alfredo recipe. I think my alfredo is the best of all, but it needs to be a little more thick and more flavorful --- Yup
Perfect a pizza crust recipe. --- So happy, yes!
Read and write more --- Nope, but reading the Great Gatsby now!  
Take better care of my hair - be more creative in my hair styles -- I chopped my hair off, but I have gotten really detailed with my make up! I did bleach my hair.... That's kinda creative. Not really taking better care of it though.... LoL
I want to do more artful sessions. ----- overall I would say I am pretty happy with how my photography changed this year, which I feel it changed a lot in the span of the year. I still want to do more creative sessions. One of my most complimented sessions, a one of my personal faves was the Tadje family session. I am really happy with how those photos turned out and want to work towards having more creative family session. I don't plan on booking as many session as I did this year. I am still happy to shoot for friends and family because I love work with them but I did have some really stressful situations that I just don't have the energy to deal with this year.

In regards to travel I want to go to Seattle/Portland, on a cruise any where tropical and to Havasupai. At this point Havasupai is at the top of our list. Havasupai is an Indian Reservation in Arizona. It is a 10 mile hike to the most gorgeous waterfalls and swimming holes ever. This will make Dave's third time of going there, my first. Obviously we would like to go there many times but we wanted to make sure we check it off our list before kids come along. I dont feel like carrying a toddler on a 10 mile hike. 

I can't wait! 

And here are some of my favorite photos of 2012. I feel like my photography gained a little more of a specific style this year and I am really happy with how my photos have changed from January to December. 

Happy New Year! 

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