A Weekday Out

This past week Dave and I both had a weekday off, thanks to my new job! So we spent the day in Salt Lake. Going out on a weekday is such a beautiful thing. If you have the chance to be out and about on a week day in the middle of the day, take that chance! Less traffic, less crowds, more loveliness. Really, the only people that are out and about are moms and old folks! So much better then the hustle and bustle that Saturday always is.

I had been dying to check out the new Trader Joe's, so we finally did.

They had some awesome stuff there such as these delightful beauties;

So yummy. We also bought a couple sodas, a pink lemonade and one other I don't remember the flavor; Dave went through it so fast! We didn't buy too many things, but I will have to stop by again!

Next we stopped by Memory Grove park, next to the capitol, just to walk around. It was such a lovely day! There were so many doggies! *sob* We also took some pictures of Dave in his brand new kilt that he was very excited about.

In Salt Lake he didn't get many reactions to it, people either ignored it, didn't notice it, or just didn't care. But one little girl in Trader Joe's, maybe 3 or 4 years old couldn't take her eyes off it, and in a loud whisper said to her brother "Why is that guy wearing a skirt??"

After the park Dave wanted to look around at Edinburgh's Castle. Little did I know this adorable French Bakery I heard about from a friend was on the same street only a couple yards away! So of course, we had to stop by. It was so busy in there! The place was adorable. All of the food looked delicious, but since we already had lunch plans we just took a couple chocolate croissants to go. Dave says they were just like the ones he remembers from Spain. We will have to stop by again! Places like that are so inspirational to me! Maybe one day I will take the risk and open my own place!

For lunch we had a Groupon to Blue Iguana, yummy Mexican food!

After that we went to Costco. We were hoping to buy a bulk bottle, or even a bulk box of Cholula, but no luck. At Costco Dave got a couple compliments on his kilt, and a few bewildered stares.

All in all it was such a lovely day and I hope to have one similar again soon! Next weekend we will have a very busy weekend! Starting with Friday going to a Flogging Molly concert at the Saltair. We decided to get a hotel for the night in downtown Salt Lake (woot woot) and the next morning we are going to the St.Pattys day parade at the Gateway and then right after the parade, the Siamsa (Irish for celebration). Needless to say, we are excited. And then Sunday my dad will be flying in to town for most of the week! Yay! 

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