Sister Schmidt

On Saturday January 26th someone waited impatiently for her call to come in the mail.

And it finally arrived.....after she left the house to go to the store of course.

Then a crowd, not pictured, waited for her to open it. There was a lot of photo flashes. Dave said it was like watching a news cast (we were on Skype). 
These are the boundaries for Megan's mission. Five States. Part of NY, Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine and Massachusetts. She will report to the MTC April 24th.

And Megan received her endowments last Saturday at the DC temple! 

Sad we couldn't be there with her! But so proud of this choice she has made, the great example she is setting for her younger sisters, younger cousins, and future nieces and nephews! 

I dunno how true it is, but Dave's dad said that for someone who serves a mission the spiritual growth and knowledge they can gain would take a person 40 years to gain normally. Sounds insane! But even previous to that I felt that now, with the earlier age there is no reason as to why both my sons and daughters shouldn't serve missions. I really wish I had served one, and if the age had been 19 when I was 19 I think I really would have considered it! Obviously I will let me children choose for themselves, but it will definitely be something I will strongly encourage my daughters to do, just as much as my sons as I think having two parents who were RM's rather then just one would be such a great thing for our future generations. 

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