Hobbit Children

I would really love to get into more cinematography. Maybe one day! I feel it's such a beautiful art form that I would love to master, or at least become better at. I feel I would love to make movies, or even just music videos. Music videos can be so artful, touching and so full of emotion just for a 3-5 minute clip. Here are some recent music videos I have found to be super inspiring.

I discovered this video this morning and have watched it three times already.

Also, I think if we were to have a son his hair would be just like the main boy in this video. Seriously. Dave and I both had some seriously curly hair as kids. Our kids will be straight up Hobbits. (sans the hairy feet)
And.... Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros will be in town just in time for my birthday! Can't wait! 

And here are some artistically fun/brave videos that make me wish I had no fat on my body and could dance just half as smoothly as this doll faced girl here.

Happy weekend! 

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