March - St.Patty's Day Weekend

We have had a jam-packed month that left me with a case of the flu, but it was all fun!

At the beginning of March Dave bought a frisbee so one day we went out and tossed around. I suck at pretty much all sports but one of my goals this year is to just be more outdoorsy and sports oriented, so baby steps! Spring is my favorite! I am not a fan of summer, just too hot! But Spring is prefect. (Don't mind the snow topped mountains)

For St.Patty's day weekend we bough tickets to the Flogging Molly Concert. This was the second concert we have been together, our first also being Flogging Molly. They are a awesome band, but their concerts tend to attract some interesting people. We always stand at the very front, right against the fence between the stage and the crowd, and I learned to never scan the crowd as there is a risk of seeing someone flash the stage.... I tried to bring my camera into the concert but they told me I couldn't =( 

So iPhone pics were all I got;

Really please with this one below. 

For how old Dave King, the main singer is, (51) he is so energetic on stage which is so awesome to watch. I was getting worn out just standing there. I should have brought water, I was so dehydrated  I should have worn better shoes, such sore feet! And I really should have gotten myself some caffeine before hand, I'm getting old! Haha. 

We wanted to go to the St.Patty's day parade at the Gateway the next morning, so we got a hotel Downtown so we wouldn't have to drive home late, and then back early the next morning. We really need a King sized bed!!

I have to admit the parade was pretty boring. My family use to always go to that parade because my sisters were in it with their Irish step dancing class. I guess parades are only fun if you have someone you know in them. I spent the entire time taking pictures of doggies, babies, and men in kilts. 

Oh, and this. 

We bailed on the parade half way through, got something to eat and walked around the mall. 

Books as found at Urban Outfitters;

The next day my dad flew in for a few short days on business. Always good to see one of my favorite guys! 

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