I've always been stress prone, even as a child, I was stress prone. I would literally stress about everything under the moon. Dad has been in town just for a few days for a rather late notice business trip and we wanted to check out the rather new Scheels. If you haven't been to Scheels, it's a pretty cool place. We got there 10 minutes before close, but there were still tons of cars parked there and still tons of people going in, so we decided to run around anyways, which I dislike doing. If a place closes within 30 minutes, I probably won't go in. But, in we went.

Upon walking in I see this little boy, maybe 3 or 4 talking to his dad with a very concerned look on his face. He said something about the store closing to which his dad replied, "It's okay, people are still coming in." gesturing to us. And it made me think of being a kid; I vividly remember being a kid and my parents shopping close to closing times. I remember stressing about it, and being worried that if we stayed after closing they would just lock us in there and we would be stuck in there. I think what would really stress me the most was how malls and certain stores would pull down those gates, and they would start pulling them down part way when they were getting ready to close. I dunno. I was.... am such a weirdo.

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