A Grand Birthday

It's hard to believe I am actually 22! Getting old! LoL but it was such a fun birthday with Dave and my family! I was seriously spoiled! Got LOTS of new clothes thanks to mom! Thanks mom! My sister Christina made me a grand brown sugar body scrub and gave me a gift card to the movie theater. And Jess made some yummy cinnamon rolls! 

I got to see The Great Gatsby (I've seen it twice now! So good! Go see it!)

Dave and I went on a walk in the evening. There are lots of deer in this area and my mom has seen a tiny tiny brand new baby deer, but I hadn't seen it yet, until the night of my birthday! It was so cute! The cherry on top of my day!

And mom made me my favorite, strawberry pie! 

The Saturday after my birthday Dave and I spent a lovely morning at the DC temple! 

And that night the family got to go to the oh so yummy Sweet Water Tavern! THE BEST! Thanks mom and dad! We had to wait FOREVER to get a table! But it was still yummy, and they gave us a free desert!  

This picture below is literally my favorite.

Now I am trying to decide what to buy with the B&H gift card Megan got me! Ah! Decisions! Thanks to my family for making my birthday awesome and thanks to everyone who wishes me a happy birthday! It was a great one! 

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