The National Zoo

A few weeks ago we went to the National Zoo. It was a little hectic trying to get there and back. We weren't super familiar with roads yet and our app took us some weird routs that I really doubt were the best routs, but we made it there and back and it was fun! It was a slightly chilly cloudy day so it was pretty empty, and some of the animal enclosures were empty =( but we still had fun,

Proud of the below picture. Love it! Such a pretty kitty! 

I want to hug a elephant! 

After that we went to some friends house to celebrate the birthday of adorable little Ipo! 

That weekend we drove to Aquia Landing Beach Park along the Potomac and enjoyed a picnic. The pictures I found online made it look really pretty, but it was far from it. The water level was super super low and it was really windy. There was a guy there who says they go there all the time and they had never seen the levels that low. Maybe we will give it another try some day. 

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