Manassas Battlefields

We went to the Manassas Battlefields a few weeks ago. So much history here! Excited to see more. 

You can take the same path the soldiers walked. As we were starting the walk a reporter came up to us asking if we had seen any cicadas. We hadn't seen many of them at the Battlefields so far, but the reporter said there were tons of them in the area. We had heard talk of them coming and by the end of the day their sound was obvious. It wasn't till about half way through the trail that we really started seeing them. 

Here's a little bit about cicadas;
"In the eastern half of the United States, periodical cicadas come up out of the ground every 17 years when the ground warms up to 64°F. They are expected to be seen here in the Washington, DC area in May of 2013. They are large insects, about an inch and a half long, with black bodies, red eyes and delicate wings." via

They are also know as The Brood. Their mating noises are crazy loud and some days I could even hear them while inside the house! Luckily other then being loud they don't sting or bite.

 Fun fact! Little did I know the Battle of Manassas, also known as the Battle of Bull Run is where Stonewall Jackson got the nickname! 

So pretty! Right? Just get rid of the humidity and it would be perfect! 

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