UT to VA

So we decided to move to VA for the summer. Crazy! I know!

We documented the trip with our gnome, Bärtigen Reisenden

Saying goodbye to home

Getting gas!

My awesome dad was super helpful in planning out the trip and put us up in a Marriott thanks to points! Thanks Thanks Thanks dad!

Our first day we drove to Grand Island, Nebraska. 829 miles, about 12 hours. Nebraska was pretty ugly and boring!  

The emptiness of Nebraska.

At least Nebraska had a pretty sunset!

Hotel #1, again, thanks Dad! 

On day 2 we drove through Iowa to Nauvoo, IL, 465 miles, about 7 hours. This drive was a lot prettier!

One of my favorite pictures! It was a lot more green in real life, but very pretty!

So glad we got to visit Nauvoo. We were there on a Sunday, and showed up just as the visitors center was closing, but it was a gorgeous little town with such a sweet spirit to it. I can't wait till we can visit again and hopefully spend more time learning and exploring the history. We talked to the missionaries who told us about the things we could see and do there. They talked about a trail you can walk along that runs along the Mississippi, the same trail the saints took when they were run out of Nauvoo. Journal entries from the saints telling of the experience are posted along the trail. We didn't have the chance to do it, but I hope we can go back soon!

We stayed in Keokuk, just outside of Nauvoo. Sketchy little town! But got some yummy pizza and enjoyed a dip in the pool.

The next morning we woke up early and arrived at Carthage Jail just as the visitors center opened for the day. It was such a bittersweet experience. I also learned that Dave (David Joseph) was named after Joseph Smith! I didn't know that until this trip! Ooopse! While we were there I just kept picturing us with our kids there. I know it will certainly be a place we bring our future family. 

We were on a small two lane back road for what felt like forever! But we made it to my uncles and aunts house in Ohio 510 miles, about 9 hours. Glad Dave got to meet Aunt Mary and Uncle Ray! Thanks to them for putting us up and for feeding us! Pizza and a yummy homemade strawberry pie! My favorite. 

Where my uncle lives is so pretty! Our last day was 369 miles, 6.5 hours to Haymarket, VA. Even thought it was the shortest day, it felt like the longest! 

I have to say, the last 3 hours or so were horrific! It was raining, and we were on a tiny winding road, shouldered tightly with big trees with a 40-50 mph speed limit. It was like being on a 3 hour roller-coaster ride! 

But we made it! 

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