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So in April I visited Virginia, and then in May we decided to move to Virginia! Things have been a little hectic, as you may be able to imagine, but fun. It's exciting to have an entire new state/coast to explore! Lots of trips planned for this summer we hope to be able to check off our list!

Here's me landing in VA. My dad then took me to dinner, grabbing some crab cakes and the best coleslaw I have ever had. Yum!

I went with Megan and got my first pedicure!

Walking the doggies.

I got to do plenty of photo shoots with my favorite ladies!

Got to enjoy lots of pretty blossoms!

And adding to my series of things you won't find in Utah - so many types of Oreos! Obviously Utah has Oreos, but not like this. This was just some of the types I found at one store! Peanut Butter, Coconut, Mint, Strawberry, Birthday Cake, Mega Stuff, it's crazy!

More pictures with my girls.

Enjoyed a little tea party with mom and the girls

And visited the lovely DC temple with mom and dad

I think they are the best

I decided to not take my original flight home, and had to book another flight. Since we booked the cheapest flight, and it was rather last minute I had 2 layovers. From DC to North Carolina, then NC to Arizona, then from Arizona finally home. But my first flight out of DC was late, so they rerouted me, sending me all the way to California, with a short layover then to Utah and hour before my original flight.The flight from DC to LAX was so empty. I had the entire row to myself and at least 3 rows behind me were empty! It was torture flying over the beach on the flight out of Cali! I just wanted to leave the airport and run to the beach!

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