The Awesome Stuff

I do miss Utah (don't worry, we will come home!) but there are a lot of awesome things in VA! Here are a few;

Wegmans - Wegmans is a grocery store, but it's not just any grocery store. It's all about unique and gourmet ingredients. Awesome for this girl who loves to spend a huge chunk of her time in the kitchen. They have the most amazing baked goods! 

Our latest obsession....

Their coconut cream croissant! 
(I have the hardest time spelling croissant, crisount? crissont? WTF?)

Trees, Trees, Trees - I know I have mentioned it on here before, but where my parents live has over 40 miles of walking trails. And these trails are not just sidewalks around the neighborhood, they are through these lovely wooded areas within the community.

I think we see deer every time we go for a walk!

And a baby deer!

Did I mention the fireflies.....

I haven't really been able to figure out how to get good shots or video of them quite yet truthfully. But they really are so magical! 

The drives are always really pretty too.

I've talked about it already, but it's so awesome being able to live just a quick walk away from a pool and gym! We spend a good chunk of our time there! We love it! Getting nice and tan.

We enjoy a lot of yummy good too. Thanks mom!

There are also these yummy vibrant wild Wine Berries. So yummy!

And just overall prettiness

Happy Summer! I hope you are having just as much fun!

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