Arlington National Cemetery

Last week we had the opportunity to attend a funeral for my Great Aunt at Arlington National Cemetery. I had never met her but I was told,

"She was hardcore. She was awesome"

"She was known for wearing pink laces with her combat boots"

Despite not knowing her, attending her funeral was such a awesome (is it okay to say that about a funeral?) experience. I was so impressed with how the funeral was conducted. It really made me very proud to be an American and grateful for all those who have served for this country.  

Fall in VA/DC is so so so so so so lovely! Seriously. Please make sure you come back East for fall at least once in your life!

Doesn't Uncle Chuck have the best mustache? 

And lunch at Good Stuff Eatery. The place is really Good Stuff. I enjoyed their Good Stuff Melt; Melted Cheddar & Muenster, Caramelized Onions & Mushrooms With Good Stuff Sauce - with chicken instead of beef. OMG Amazeballs. I DEVOURED it and have been craving it ever since!

If you get the chance to go, do not miss out on their Village fries- seasoned with Rosemary - my all time favorite seasoning! And dip them in their amazing Mango Mayo. Trust me.

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