I Hope You Make the Best Of It

I couldn't not share this quote from the amazing F. Scott Fitzgerald. It so beautifully spells out how I have been feeling for about a month now. 

I have been feeling so stuck and am so sick of it. I just want to move forward. I don't know how, or where to, I just want to be moving. In a direction I am happy with and proud of.

I think part of what has been holding me back from everything, anything, is the not knowing. Who knows what's to come? Who knows what the future holds? We can make plans till we are blue in the face, but things don't always work out like we want them to, things don't always go our way. So should we just not do anything at all? No, of course not. 

But that's what I've been doing. Not planning, because I don't feel like I can plan for the unexpected. But I can't be scared with the not knowing. We just need to go with it. Whatever makes us happy, whatever It is. 

I think often I get stuck in my head trying to plan out the what-ifs. 
But there's not a lot I can do to prepare for the unexpected. 
Other then maybe expect it, and be okay if/when it happens.

And in changing my thinking in that manner, 
I am feeling better about moving forward with the thought, 

It doesn't hurt to try

So what if I go to school in something and end up not loving it? 
So what? Is that the end of the world? 
Do I just stop living and say, 
"Oh well. I tried, now I give up." 
You say, 
"Oh well, let's try something new and move on."

We have our entire lives ahead of us. Why not make an adventure out of it? Explore the unknown. Do something new. Do something you have always dreamed of. Don't let dreams just be dreams. Don't let wishes just be wishes. And if we find something isn't working, let's have the courage to change it. Let go of everything and move on to something new, even if it's scary. Don't just take the punches, roll with them, and keep going. Always growing, always moving forward. Never stagnant. 

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