Due to all the family drama out here in VA - I haven't gotten myself a job. But I have done lots of babysitting. There is one family in our ward that I babysit for all the time that I have just fallen in love with.

We never really do anything exciting for Halloween. The T family that we have been babysitting for got tickets to go Trick or Treating at the White House, but you have to be 3 or older to attend, so we babysat their youngest. It was such a blast! She is such a little cutie, we just love her.

Of course lots of people just assumed we were her parents, but what was really interesting was how many "adult beverages" we were offered. You certainly wouldn't have that happen in Utah! Although I think, to some degree, it's a great idea! Why not have something for the parents too? If it's cold you could totally serve hot chocolate and hot cider. Ideas! Ideas!

She is just the sweetest thing and is dangerous to be around because she makes me so baby hungry! 

She helped me unload the dishwasher the other day!

Flirting with Davey

She loves when her brothers come home from school!

She has the best brothers! They love her to bits and are so good with her.

These pictures just crack me up! Harassing her brother as he is trying to watch a movie.

Little ones grow up too quick!

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