Maryland Ren Fest

If you ever happen to be close to DC August-October go out of your way to go to the Maryland Ren Fest. You will thank me! My family has gone for a few years now, I think this was their third year going, and luckily Dave and I got to tag along.

Here is a little background on the event, taken from their website;

The Maryland Renaissance Festival has become the region's premier outdoor event and the second largest Renaissance Festival in the country. Since the Festival's first season as a ramshackle village in 1977, the event has matured into a large theme show with more than 1,300 participants and 280,000 guests per season.

25 Acre English Village with 85 acres of free parking, 140 craft and specialty shops, 42 food and beverage emporiums, games, attractions, displays, 11 stages of ever changing entertainment with shows repeated throughout the day, 3,000 seat jousting arena and visited by the Royal Court of King Henry VIII

The area where it takes place in is huge, wooded and gorgeous! Even though it was a little rainy and muddy the fall leaves there were so pretty, plus I will never complain about cool weather.

If you get there just as it opens, which we did, you get to see the King and Queen arrive. They put on a little show and then let everyone into the gates.

The place is adorable! Once you pass through the gates you really do feel like you have stepped into a little medieval village.

Saw this adorable little one when we first walked in. 
Just customers, just like us, but I was dying over his hood and boots. Too dang cute!

He then jumped around in puddles.

We walked through a few shops and then got to most of the food shops. I think this is what Dave was looking forward to the most, a smoked turkey leg! So so incredibly tasty. He bought one straight away! 

Jess enjoying cheesecake on a stick. Yummy stuff.

Crazy pretty, right?

Dave in his kilt! 

Loved this ladies crown of feathers. 

Love the design of this orange dress. Maybe I will give a shot at making it myself!


Cool leather crowns.

And lovely flower crowns.

Loved this girl! What a fun job! She was so adorable!

Waiting for the Jousting to begin!

Live Jousting! Even in the rain!

The necklace Dave had made. I love my Bear!

Dad is obsessed with this artist. Really unique work! People never fail to amaze me! 

Leash child! As Ayla would say, Save the Leash Children!

The show the Squire on the Wire was my fave! Don't miss him if you go!

If you could ring the bell at the very top you won $30. 
This guy looked like a serious climber, but no luck!

The girls got henna tattoos. I want to get a kit and start doing them at home!
Loved the Henna "tent". Looked so pretty and cozy!

Some awesome glass art and jewelry.

And I bought this necklace. So pretty, love it!

Holy sugar! The croissant sundae we bought. 

 The ear cuff Christina got.

And the ear cuff I got. Totally need to shop for more now!

 All in all, it was a super fun day and I am so glad we got the chance to go! I am excited to explore other Ren Fest's on the West coast and hopefully one day get to go in fancy get-ups of our own!

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