2013 Resolutions - In Review

It's come to be that time of year - reviewing all of my resolutions for this year. Some things I feel like I failed at, but some I am happy did actually work out! This year has not panned out how I thought it would, but it's been fun! Stay tuned for a re-cap post of all the best times from this year! 
2013 Resolutions

"Relax --- I am seriously the biggest stress case known to man. I don't sleep well, I often have head aches and have began to think my frequent being nauseous may be a form of a panic attack."

Yes and no. I think I have honestly let go of a lot of stress I was feeling last year and at the beginning of the year. And I think a huge part of that was quitting my previous job, thank heavens! I feel much happier. 

But there is one thing I need to be better about - procrastinating. I am really bad about dealing with things in a timely manner which causes me lots of anxiety.  Mainly in regards to taking care of normal adult chores - my current hurtle - renewing the registration on my car. It causes me so much anxiety to just think about it that I literally break down. I don't know why, and it drives me nuts. UGH. So here's to being more on top of taking care of my adult duties, like an adult. 

"Reset (everything) --- As I wanted to last year, I don't feel I really accomplished it, I want a lot of change. I think we are getting more of a direction of knowing what to do with ourselves (finally) which helps."

Haha -  We certainly experienced a lot of change! I still feel we are not really sure of our direction - and moving to VA was certainly unexpected. But again, I really think we are getting closer to a new scary/exciting direction.... We'll see what this next year has in store for us! 

"Run (get out) --- This has a few resolutions warped up in one. Run, as in work out. And I want to get out on hikes, go geocaching, all the things I know Dave loves but that we don't really do.

We have been much healthier in how we eat. We eat much cleaner, a lot more veggies and fruit and all that good stuff. I feel like I have learned a lot about what's healthy for me, and I've been better at being less picky! There are still things we both want to work on but I am happy with our changes and growth so far this year. 

"Create --- I want to write more. I would like to have at least one book ready to e-publish by the summer."

Ha, fail! Totally have not done that. I have written SOME, but I have been having a really awful time getting the inspiration flowing. But I have recently come to realize that when I was more creative I was reading much more, usually 3 books at a time! I have not been reading at all, so time to start reading new books and re-reading old favorites to help spark some creativity, hopefully. 

Become a flight attendant. I want an new job, but that would be a sweet one to get.

I became a substitute teacher! For like a brief month before moving to VA. But it was such a treat. I loved every minute of it. Especially the one time a third grader drew an absolutely darling picture of me, and another told me "Everyone says you look like Snow White". Be still my heart! I also started subbing in my own High School for my own old Photography teacher. It. Was. Awesome. I will be going back to do that again! 

Visit a tropical beach.


Close enough.

Start making my own clothes.

Nope. Still want to.

Read more (currently reading the Great Gatsby for the first time)

Finished Gatsby, but other then that, nope.

Get to bed earlier
Get up earlier


Eat more raw (mainly fruit and veggies)

Yes! Yay!

Happy Monday! 

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