Wow! What a year! Went by way too quick! It's certainly had it's up and downs but has been full of adventures! Where to begin?


I began working on the photography for my moms cookbook.


Took this awesome picture. And kicked myself for not having my "real" camera on me.

Enjoyed a lovely Valentines day with my Valentine

Even more grateful for it now that I live 1,600 miles away from the closest Rubio's.

Started this 5 year Q and A journal with my Davey. 


Davey bought a kilt

Went to this awesome bakery in downtown Salt Lake. A must visit!

I began working as a substitute teacher and absolutely loved every second of it! I also subbed in my own old high school photography class and that was just the cherry on top of the cake.

Had an awesome St. Patrick's day weekend with my Davey seeing Flogging Molly.

Dad came into town for a business trip. 
Checked out the amazing construction work for the new Provo Temple.

Took lots of pictures of the amazing Utah mountains. Maybe deep down I knew I would be leaving them so I took lots for my future self!
Discovered the amazing Waffle Love. Seriously my friends, if you are in Utah or plan to be in Utah, check their site and plan a trip. I dream of these waffles.


Since I began working as a substitute and we only had one car, I would take Dave to work early in the mornings and would have time to kill before school started. Many mornings I would get breakfast and just sit in the temple parking lot. It made for pretty mornings.

We also rediscovered the amazingness of Tibble Fork.

Surprise trip to VA

Got a pedicure for the first time with Megan

Enjoyed VA spring

And what is spring without a lovely spring photo session?

Make that two lovely spring photo shoots.

And this happened

Flew back home to Utah. Packed up the absolute bare necessities and drove back to VA.

Got to Visit the absolutely lovely Nauvoo temple. We were there on a Sunday so we couldn't go inside. But it was an absolutely lovely little town with an amazing spirit to it and I look forward to the day we can go there again and hopefully spend much more time.

The next morning we got to visit Carthage jail. Amazing.


And so began our fun times in VA

I took lots of photos of the girls in all their lovely outfits

And I took lots of photos of VA's lovely trees and skies

Visited the National Zoo

And had a lovely Birthday


Got to visit the DC temple with my Davey

Went out with the family for a birthday dinner and these photos happened. 
The second is my most favorite.

Spent lots of time at the pool


Picked and enjoyed fresh Wine berries

Spent more time at the pool getting tan

Can we stop and talk about how amazing the sky looks here? 
100% real life. 100% Amazing.

Took this great picture of Pru on a swing

Dave my or may not have clubbed a crippled rabbit

Took this photo while on a run. While wearing ballet flats. Kept healthy habits for a month. Until I injured my knee and it inflated like a balloon.


Went on a camping trip to Westmoreland State Park

It was beachish enough that I was pretty happy

Our campsite was lovely but trying to light a fire in the humidity post rain showers 
was an absolute joke

Celebrated our third anniversary and overgrammed about it the entire day

Got stuck Got called into Nursery

Fell seriously in love with this little lady. I've done a lot of babysitting in my time but I have never loved a child like I do this girl.


I got a LensBaby Muse

Did lots of antique shopping and bought lots of awesome stuff

Was inspired by this amazing bedroom. One day. One day.

And bought the best chair in the world.


Visited Pittsburgh for a couple days. My knee hated me for all the walking, 
but it was still good times!

Went to the Maryland Renaissance Festival and had an absolute blast!

Went on a walk with Dad and Christina and found huge leaves

Did this lovely photoshoot with my favorite little family

And this happened......


I die.

And got to flirt with this handsomeness

Halloween, the best ever, with my favorite Bear and favorite little lady


Reveled in the amaziness that is fall in VA. Amazing.

Visited Skyline Drive National Park and saw more ladybugs at one time 
then I have ever seen before in my life!

And captured with awesome video! Pretty impressed with myself here. Nature is amazing!

Went to a funeral at Arlington cemetary for my Great Aunt. 
Such an amazing opportunity and experience.

Died over fall in DC

Went on a dinner date with my girls

Dave surprised me with these lovely dream catcher earrings! 

Made snowflakes with my favorite little people

And I was sent these photos from Disney World and literally cried over their cuteness,
 too much purse shopping excitement!


This happened - and I may blog about it soon....

Went to the very lovely Stone Bridge National Park 
and enjoyed 70 degree weather in December.

And then got snow and an ice storm Three Days later.

Pure ice

Came across an amazing juice recipe we became obsessed with! 
Huge blog post on juicing coming soon!

Went on a Daddy Daughter Date and had a blast - hilarious blog post soon to come

And all in all just had a pretty awesome year!
Happy New Year! 
Very excited to see what 2014 holds!

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