2014 Goals

Happy New Years my friends!

I hope you all had some fun New Years Eve celebrations, big or small.

I know, I technically already did a post about resolutions but I am sharing a little more on this years resolutions. I love hearing what other people hope for the new year, what are your goals?

Read at least one book a month 
(preferably two) 

One of my goals last year was to publish a book - obviously that didn't come to fruition, and I really did try to write, but I just had no good inspiration. But I realized that during times when I did feel inspired, I was reading lots of books, sometimes three at a time, but I can't think of a single book I read last year! Hopefully reading more consistently will help get the creative juices flowing.

Eat clean

I was doing really well with this off and on this year. And now that the Holidays are over I am ready to get my butt back into gear! Nothing beats how I feel when I am eating clean!
 It is worth every penny.

Go somewhere new at least once a month

 We currently live close to so many awesome and history rich places and I am kicking myself for not getting out and seeing much - something that has been holding us back is car issues - right now we are on the fence of getting a new car, or running our current one into the ground. I also stress about traffic and dealing with parking in unknown places.... Regardless of what we decide, I need to let go of my anxiety and just get out!

Figure out my own style

I don't really fee like I have my own style. I wear what is comfortable.
 And some days I care to look nice and some days I don't. 
I just want a wardrobe that has more outfits rather then some cute cloths, 
some church clothes and lots of sloppy comfortable clothes. 
Who says you can't be cute and comfortable at the same time?

Actually print pictures and do something with them

I take SO many pictures and they just sit online and on hard drives so I really want to be more proactive about doing things with them! I have some pretty sweet ideas in mind....

Start going back through old years of my blog and printing it into books

Did you know this blog has been around since 2008? We recently house sat for someone and she was incredibly organized and had a shelf of books printed directly from her blog. Such a great way to keep the hard copies! Especially since in more recent years I blog more then I journal so having physical copies would be wise for record keeping. Sometimes nothing beats going through a physical book of photos.

Don't procrastinate and be more organized

I don't necessarily procrastinate because I am lazy. I put things off because I just get anxiety from dealing with normal adult chores. And then I find I have this huge to-do list that gives me even more anxiety. I just need to put on my big girl panties and take care of business.

Well that's all for now. Here's to an awesome 2014! Happy New Year!

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