North Carolina Trip

Since Dave's grandparents, Aunt and Uncle only live 5 hours away 
we have been meaning to plan a trip down to see them, and finally did it! It was so much fun!

First, I said goodbye to my favorite family, who were moving back to Utah, where they are from. I knew it was coming but really should have mentally prepared myself more, ha! I love this little family! What will I do without that sweet baby girl! I love her so! One of my goals was to get her to say my name before they leave, and mission accomplished! She calls me Adri and it is by far the sweetest thing! Oh how I will miss her! Her whole family is so darling and we love her parents! Such great people! We sure will miss them!

So once we said our goodbyes we hit the road. It was a lovely drive down, Dave forced me we enjoyed some country, started listening to Ender's Game (and I was reminded that I hate all audio-books not done by Jim Dale) and we listened to a podcast by Rhett and Link where they interviewed Shay Carl - loved it! So entertaining! Love the ShayTards!

We stopped at Hardee's for dinner. Maybe I was just starving but it was so good! 
I got chicken fingers and Dave so kindly shared his Philly Cheesesteak Burger - it was AMAZING. 
And I am not normally a huge burger fan.  

We came in a little late, at about 9 - sorry Dave's grandparents! Thanks for staying up late for us! And I tried pimento cheese for the first time, pretty good stuff!

The next morning we had gravy and biscuits homemade by Grandma and then went for a drive to Hanging Rock where Dave swam a lot when he was growing up. It was lovely! The water was so clear! We will certainly have to go back once it's warmed up.

The next morning we met Tonya and Bret, (Dave's Aunt and Uncle) for an early lunch. We went to Pulliams, a local BBQ place that had been opened since 1910. 1910! Amazing! Their hot dogs were easily the best I have ever had and only $2.25, with your choice of toppings, chili, slaw, onions, mustard. I just did chili and slaw, but amazing! So good. The place was small, tiny, without even any seating, just a counter with 3 sweet old folks who serve and ring you up. This place has been nominated many a time, Rachael Ray said they are the 4th best dogs in the country, and they have been nominated the best dog in the south and North Carolina. If you are ever even somewhat close, they really are worth the stop! 

And if you have never had Cheerwine, don't miss out! 

We spent the rest of the day driving around, exploring, Dave showing me all the old places he remembered. 

For dinner we went to Clarks BBQ. The food was really good. Dave's family always makes their slaw with BBQ sauce and that's just how I ordered it, yummy stuff! 

And the next day we woke up and went to Biscuitville which were pretty good! 

Then we went to High Point per my dad's advice to check out all the antique stores. We only went to a handful, but if you have a good chunk of money to burn and love antique stores High Point would be the place to go!  

The last one we went to was huge! Most antiques stores we walk through in about 15 minutes, but we were in this last one over 30 minutes and probably could have easily spent longer since we didn't even walk through the whole thing. It was really so huge! As we headed up stairs one of the employees offered us fur coats, saying the upstairs was pretty cold and took a while to warm up. It was cold! But we survived without fur coats. 

We indulged....

We had Pulliams for a late lunch, again. Ah man, so good I am telling you!

And then we decided to drive up to Pilot Mountain, a Real mountain here in the South! Haha!

And that evening we went to the movies with Bret and Tonya and all the kids who are all so tall! 

The last day we hit the road fairly early. On the way home we listened to a podcast from Rhett and Link all about their Childhood. It was so entertaining, and even though it was only an hour long it took us nearly the whole road trip to finish it since we kept pausing it to talk about things we remembered from growing up. Thanks Rhett and Link for the great convo starters! Loved it! Can't wait for more little trips with my Davey!

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