Adventures with my Bear

We love taking long drives, and we go on long drives on a weekly basis. Honestly, if gas wasn't an issue and I was a little less worried about adding even more miles to our car, I think I could spend most of my free time in the car, just driving. It doesn't really matter where we are headed as long as it take us away from where we are for a little while. We get in the car, not caring where we end up or how long it takes to get there, as long as we find ourselves somewhere new, or even just revisiting favorite places, and make memories all along the way.

A friend recently posted something and mentioned how she hated when people 
move somewhere new but can't fully enjoying their new home because they miss their old homes too much. I loved that so much. (thanks Alysha!

I think Dave and I have done a decent job of getting out, but sometimes I allow my anxiety to prevent me from doing and seeing things. Drives help me feel refreshed, 
and helps me better appreciate this lovely place we live in and 
sparks the desire to absorb as much of it as possible in our time here. 

Sometimes it's just too gorgeous, overwhelmingly gorgeous to me. Photos are lovely, but really can't truly capture how gorgeous the world around us is. But at least they try.

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