Weekday Adventures

I was feeling quite sick this past week so most of the week was spent being lazy at home, but one day we figured we had to force ourselves out of the house, even if it was to just gorge ourselves on unhealthy goodies. Someone in our ward had posted about some delightful apple cider donuts. I haven't had them before and knowing how much Dave loves apple cider, I figured we should venture out and try them for the first time. It was just shy of an hour drive, but it was so pretty! And then at the end of the road were some delightful treats.

The place was a huge pick your own farm with apples and pumpkins.

And here, the glorious apple cider donuts;

They were really quite delightful. I already want them again!

And on the drive home I tested out the new time-lapse feature from the latest IOS update

The first video  didn't turn out as lovely as I had hoped. It clearly shows how chipped up and buggy our windshield is

The second video turned out a bit better as the lighting was better so the windshield didn't look so bad.

Fun stuff! I particularly like watching the clouds in the second video. It may be a couple weeks, but we are getting our hands on a GoPro! Finally! I am so excited! Prepare yourselves for lots more little videos, but soon in much better quality! I'm so excited!

And a couple days later I was still missing the apple cider donuts, so I decided to try making some. I found some easy recipes on Pinterest and decided to try one. I am pretty sure the ones we bought were fried, but the ones I made were baked since I HATE frying anything. These were different, easy but still really good! The recipe was from the blog Sally's Baking Addiction.

Happy Fall my friends!

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