Utah Trip - October



That is the grand ending total of all the photos I edited from our Utah trip. I'm really not complaining. Because oh boy, have I missed shooting. And it made me realize I want to push the business here in VA because I love it and miss it so much. But that is quite a lot of photos, right? No wonder it took me nearly a month to finish them all. And my ancient, dog slow computer doesn't make the process very easy. This girl is so ready for a computer upgrade! Haha, oh, and that's not counting the one lovely session I shot here in Virginia shortly after returning from Utah. (Another 277 photos

But really, I loved every single session and am so glad for each one I was able to squeeze into our short trip. I am posting all my faves from every session over on my Anome Photo Blog, so you can see lots more there. But I figured I would finally sit down and share some tales from our trip, as well as a handful of my favorite photos.

We were lucky and landed really really early, like just a little after 10 am. 

Dave's sister, Ayla, was receiving her endowment at Timp Temple, but we needed to be there by 11, and by the time we had our rental car we would have been about 15-20 minutes late, so we decided to just get ourselves lunch (since so far we hadn't eaten) and do a little shopping. 

I may have cried a bit upon driving into Utah valley. I guess with the craziness of life and the exciting opportunities that have come our way while living here in VA, I suppose I have just haven't had the chance to think about or realize how much I have missed Utah. I've said this many times, but seeing the mountains are truly like seeing an old, beloved friend. How could I have forgotten how epic they are?!?

We arrived at the temple at about 1 and decided to wait in the waiting area for the family to come out. 2:00 rolled around and we were still waiting and hadn't seen anyone pass by. So although I wasn't exactly dressed to be in the temple I went to the front desk and asked the cute old men when they expected the family to come out.

I explained that my "Sister" Ayla Cavanaugh was receiving her endowments and I was curious as to when they would be coming out.

The old gentleman I was talking to said, "You're Sister Cavanaugh??" 
And I was like, "Uh.... Yeah.."
He turned to one of the men behind him and said, "This is Sister Cavanaugh!"
And at that point a handful of men come up to me - swarmed upon me it felt like, and were saying, "Sister Cavanaugh! We've been waiting for you!"
And I was like, "For me??" 
And they were like, "Yes! Yes! Do you have your recommend?"
And I said, "Well, my husband is here too, in the waiting room. But we're not dressed."
And they said, "It's okay, we will escort you to the Celestial Room. We have a letter here for you from the Temple President."
And I said, "What? For me? Are you joking?"

Turns out the family had gotten special permission from the Temple President to allow us to come in late, whenever we arrived, and just wait for the family in the Celestial Room. And they would wait in there for us till 2:30. But.... No one had informed us of that. So rather then waiting in the Celestial Room we just hung out forever in the waiting room. The kind old men said they would still take us up, but at this point it was already 2:20 so we continued to wait for them in the waiting room. Haha! It's called Adventures of Bear and Wildflower because it's always an adventure!  

After finally being reunited with the family we all went out for a late lunch.

I then scurried off to my first session of our trip; the Tadje family. Being as their family session from 2012 is still one of my all time favorites, I knew I had to squeeze in another epic session with them. Of course, head over to my blog to see all my favorites, as I do have lots of favorites! 

And also thanks for the Tadje's for driving me up scary mountain roads for their session so I didn't have to drive myself and so I could also get these beyond gorgeous mountain shots. Too pretty, right?

After that I joined the family at Damien and Zoey's house for Ayla's bachelorette party! I didn't really take any pictures as at this point in the day I was totally exhausted and ready to crash! But this picture stolen from Zoey's Instagram perfectly shares how crazy and awesome the party was! LOL

The next day we visited with friends. First our good friends Jesse and Carly. We would double with them a lot when we were living in Utah and sure miss having good friends our age to double with! We haven't really met any couples our age here in VA. We brought them lunch from one of our favorite pizza place, Village Pizza, and shot a handful of family pictures. Their little one Eden has gotten so sassy and chatty! She is such a hoot! And they have a new darling addition, Rowan!

Next I met up with my little lovelies, the Tannahill family! If you haven't been following along, they had been living in VA for a short time where we met and I became their babysitter. They moved home to UT earlier this year, and oh how have I missed these sweet faces! It was a treat to see them! And Millie girl is so big and so chatty! They grow too fast!

And the next day was the big day! Michael and Ayla's wedding! They were smart, like us, and split up their wedding into two days, their sealing being on Friday, and their reception being on Saturday. You can watch a slideshow of all my favorites from their wedding day(s) here!

For a fall wedding the weather was truly perfect!

And the lovely couple!

The sealing was then followed by a luncheon. On the way home we tried to pick up some square donuts from the wonderful Lehi Bakery, but they were sold out! Sob Sob! So we got Del Taco instead. We sure miss being able to find yummy cheap tacos! 

After the luncheon the whole Cavanaugh family did a quick photoshoot. The location and lighting wasn't perfect, but we still got some good shots! A HUGE post of all my favorites can be seen here. There are actually a few pictures with me in them over there! What! Shock!

That night we helped the family set up for the reception the next day. I have to say... I have never shot a wedding, as well as helped set up and tear down for it. Boy oh boy. That won't be happening again. Exhausting! Note to future self - if I have a daughter we will be paying for it be catered and decorated. No DIY!! Heck no! 

The next morning I hurried off to my Saturday morning sessions starting with my bestie Michelle Belle. It was so great to finally get to meet her man Josh! It was a treat to shoot her engagements! So excited for her to be getting hitched! We shot part of their session at one of my all time favorite places in Utah, Tibble Fork! Such a pretty place!

And next, a quick session with my oh so loved Aunt, Uncle and cousins; the Vaughns and Larkins. I sure have missed hanging with and shooting these cute faces!

After that I met up with Dave, Damien and Zoey for lunch from Dave's favorite place, DownTown Philly. 

What? Another mountain pic?

And then off to the reception! 

The next morning I woke myself up early and ran over to quickly visit and say hi to my old home ward. And then we just relaxed with the family until our flight home. The only thing we wish is that we had stayed for longer! It was such a short, rushed trip! But oh well, we know it won't be too long till we are out again. We jam packed every second of it, and we really were so blessed with how smoothly it all went! 

Goodbye my mountains!

And thanks to my dad for picking us up from DC fairly late at night! Thanks dad! 

And now, I am finally posting this, just in time for me to leave for Utah again. LOL

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