Utah Trip Day 1

So as you may or may not know, I am here in Utah again! This time for my girlfriend, Michelle's wedding! I am so excited I get to be with  her on her big day!

Since I am here for a little longer this time, I figured I should go back to what I use to do when I traveled, and that is take the time at the end of each day to document what happened before I totally forgot about it.

We had hoped Dave had been able to tag along on this trip, but instead of buying him a plane ticket we had to buy a new car instead. Boohoo. But happy to finally have our hands on a shiny new car. (the shiny one on the left)

Buying a car was a horrifically painful process. And we didn't get home till late-ish Tuesday night. So I stayed up a little while and packed since I hadn't had the time to do so yet.

And the next morning I woke up early to say goodbye to Dave when we left for work at 5:30 am and finished up packing as well as making our space all nice and clean. My flight was at 12:30, so thanks to waking up so early, I had a easy relaxing morning leading up to the flight.

The roads to get to the airport had a fair share of traffic, but I still made it with time to spare. I had decided to check a bag as, 1: I wanted to be able to have a little extra space in case I chose to bring back some stuff. and 2: So I didn't have to deal with the luggage running to my connecting flight.

But upon checking my luggage they said due to weather my luggage may get held up and may not arrive with me in SLC and they would then call me when my luggage arrive at SLC and I would have to come back to the airport to get it. (Boo)

So, wishing I had just packed everything in a carry on, I headed to my gate and waited to board. I have never flown South West before, but they don't have assigned seating. You get to board the plane based on how early you checked in and just pick your seat. Kinda weird, but luckily I checked in somewhat early.

Once we were on board we then still sat waiting at the gate for 30 minutes. The pilot mumbled something over the intercom about how the system was saying the plane had the wrong kind of gas, but they think they have the right kind of gas, but the airport wouldn't let us leave until it was corrected....

We finally got into the air, and got into the air in a very very bumpy manner. Those first 15-20 minutes of the flights had to have been some of the most bumpy I have ever experienced. Scary stuff!

We landed in Denver about 30 minutes late. My connecting flight was boarding at 3, and we landed at 3, but luckily my flight to SLC was delayed about an hour and a half.

Whenever I fly, before I go to the bathroom or get food or anything I always walk to the gate and make sure the gate info matches my flight info so I know where I need to be for certain. Well I was trying to figure out where to go, the Denver airport it fairly big, and the signs were not clear to me. So as I was standing in front of the screens listing all the flights and their statuses and gates, and this lady from my flight in come up to me and says "I was told to follow you because you are going to SLC, right?" And I was like, um, yeah. She asked what gate it was and we then proceeded to head to the gate together. She then went off to get food. But so random. I didn't talk to anyone, and as far as I know she wasn't sitting near me, so I have no idea how she would have known I was heading to SLC. Random! Weirdness.

And I forgot to mention how freezing the Denver airport was! Someone said it was like 3 degrees outside when we were there. Oh boy. It was freezing walking off the plane, and then inside the airport was overall okay. I got a bagel and then sat down near my gate, against the windows and it was freezing. By the time they started boarding I was shivering! Ack! Not ready for winter! I didn't realize how spoiled we were in VA!

They were worried the flight out of Denver may be canceled due to the weather. And ug, that would not have been fun. But thank heavens, it was not canceled. Although, it was weird; they had us ride out onto the tarmac and then they sprayed the plane down, first with some clear stuff, and then next with some green stuff. I had a window seat so it was interesting to watch.

The flight was short, just over an hour. My seat neighbor was friendly, from Orem, married with 5 kids, 4 boys and 1 girl. Travels a fair share for the family business. Met his wife on his mission, where they both served in Germany. Always nice to have some good conversation on a flight and hear peoples life stories! LoL

There were also these kids... or couple on both my flights. There was a girl who honestly could not have been any older then me, with a young baby boy, under a year old, a girl who looked like she was 3 or 4, and then another boy with her who honestly looked like he was 15, maybe 17 at most. I am still so puzzled. Were those kids their own and they just looked really young? But they seemed really overwhelmed. And really really looked way too young. Were they all siblings? But where were their parents? Why were they flying alone with such a young baby? I saw them walking through the airport twice and they were just by themselves. Although in SLC they did meet a rather older lady at baggage claim who was excited to see the two young kids. But still, so weird. Got any theories?

I will probably always be shocked by how much nicer people are here then they are in VA. In VA people only worry about themselves and getting wherever they need to get to the fastest. But here, people are happy to hold the door open for you, let you cut in line, smile and chat with you in passing, things that rarely rarely happen in VA.

I then met up with my girl Michelle Belle at the Cheesecake Factory in City Creek for a late dinner. Yummy stuff!

And that's pretty much it for today's adventures!

--- So clearly that was written my first day in UT. Which was 4 weeks ago. I forgot to publish this and then was sick the entire rest of my trip so I didn't have an exciting, entertaining post for each day. But here is this, and up next will be a single post with rest of the details of the trip, the good and the bad. ---

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