Utah Trip - November

So in case you didn't read all about day 1 from my Utah trip, you can read that by clicking here.

On Thursday I woke up pretty early and ran myself over to the grocery store Smiths to get myself a french cruller. AKA Heaven.

And then I tagged along with Michelle to a hair and nail appointment. I got my first gel nails! So pretty even though I forgot to take a picture! The salon was so cute and filled with adorable girls. We were there from like 10 am till like 2 pm, but the place was so cute it was a blast. But, I don't know how people can pay for that every couple weeks. Although fun, nice and relaxing, it's so expensive! A gel nail kit immediately on my Christmas wish list.

Michelle getting her hair did! Trying out hair and make up styles before the big day!

After that we ran off to do a Bridal / Groomal session! So lovely! Although it was November, I loved her spring colors! My girl made such a gorgeous bride!

At this point in the day I started feeling super sick. We had plans of going to my favorite Red Iguana for dinner, but I stayed "home" and let them go without me since I was feeling so sick.

After a decent nights rest I was feeling a bit better. I got to meet up with a good friend Alysha for lunch at the always yummy Kneaders, and finally get to meet her darling little girl Grace!

I did a little shopping around City Creek, and then went to Tai Pan Trading in Draper. Miss that place so bad!!

I then made my way out to Eagle Mountain to visit a few people.

I started feeling quite a bit more sick at this point, to the point that I was considering taking myself to an Insta Care. Instead, I showed up on the doorstep of some good friends, bawled, and asking for a Priesthood blessing. Although I was not grateful for being sick, I was grateful for being sick in a place where I was surrounded with plenty of places I could turn to for help! Thank you guys! I am so grateful for you!

And Saturday I was off to shoot Michelle Belle's big day the next day! I wasn't 100% better, but well enough to function, thankfully.

I got to SLC early and took the chance to walk around Temple Square. I didn't realize parking at Temple Square was free on the weekends! Pretty awesome!

And although I know everyone in Utah has been missing the snow, it was nice to not have to deal with snow on a wedding day! 

My best girl Michelle Belle made the loveliest bride! xoxo

The wedding was so lovely and I am so glad to have been able to be part of it!

That night I got to have a sleep over with my good friend Whitney. It was so great to get to catch up with her and hang out with her and her adorable little family! Thanks for letting me stay over!

Sunday I visited my home ward, said hi to lots of people, spent a little more time with my in-laws, then made my way to my Aunt and Uncles home in Alpine. Lots of family came over for dinner and to say hi.

The most unfortunate thing from the whole trip was with being so sick I could hardly eat anything. I wasn't throwing up, but I was super nauseous and could hardly stomach anything I tried to eat. (And sorry, no I'm not pregnant) But I basically just lived off of Cheerios and bananas the entire trip. Which, so heart breaking for me, the mega-foodie! So I didn't really get to fully enjoy my Aunt's wonderful food, but hopefully it's not too long till I get the chance to enjoy it again! 

Every where I stayed was truly so wonderful, but my Aunt and Uncles house was extra wonderful because it was the closest I felt like to being home which since being sick, was so nice. Thank you guys! 

Clearly, I was very sick since I really didn't take very many pictures throughout the trip. Obviously, this post is pretty lacking! Boo! Though, as usual, I did get plenty of mountain pictures;

But, Monday I was feeling a bit better and got the chance to visit my good friend Kelsie and my Aunt Bobbie with their cute kiddies! I seem to have lost the files of the handful of shots I took of those cuties! If I can recover them I promise I will add them to this post! Again - clearly I was sick because I have no idea what happened to those files! Ugh! 

And I had the chance to visit George and Polly. And George's inspiring bench! 

I officially tried Swig! Pretty good! Thankfully the recipe my mom found is pretty much an exact mach, thank heavens! 

That night I went to dinner with all my Cavanaugh sisters. It was so good to see them even if it was for just a short time! And boy do I miss Wingers! Yum! Bummed I didn't get a shot of us all together. Oh well! Thanks for hanging girls! 

The next day I went to lunch with my lovely Aunt and cousin. Oh man, I sure do miss Rumbi! Seriously need to nail down some copy cat recipes for that place!

And then we got some hot chocolate and cookies at another soda and cookie shop

And the next day I went on home. Luckily I was feeling overall fine so the trek home wasn't too bad. And extra lucky, I had the entire row of seats to my self on both flights! Thank Heavens!!!

Goodbye Utah! Till we meet again!

Landing for a little layover in Colorado;

And thank you Colorado airport for having my favorite place! Wish all the locations of this place hadn't been bought out in VA! Such a sad day! Oh, and I guess I did get one pic of my gel nails! Or gel nail I guess. Haha!

A big thank you to everyone who housed me or was willing to house me while I was there! Thank you for those who made the time to see me! And sorry to those I didn't get to see! I promise I won't let it be too long till I am out again! 

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