Florida | May 2015 | Day 4

Tuesday was a bit of lazy day. We had talked about going out and collecting seashells, but I couldn't pull myself out of bed. We eventually got up and went off to get some of our favorite donuts. We ended up getting two dozen so we could share with the family. A little pricey, but worth it! Yummy stuff! Everyone else loved them too. Those caramel sea salt are to die for!

Mom, Zoey and I went out for pedicures and did a little shopping. Afterwards Dave and I went out to lunch to our favorite place we found last time we were in town, a little Mexican grocery store that also has a restaurant in the back. Just about the entire menu is in Spanish, but it's all so fresh, authentic and yummy! They seriously have the best guacamole I have ever had. So good.

We then just hung out with the family for a while, watching some shows. We planned to do a family session at sunset on the beach for Dave's older brother and his little family. But it was pouring rain. So much rain! So we pushed it back a bit, and waited for it to let up. 

The clouds were still pretty dark and gloomy, but I think we managed to get some good shots! It started pouring again, We were all soaked by the time we made it back to the car, but I'm excited to go through and edit the pictures! 

Then, off to dinner at a near by place for seafood on the water. From what I read online it's one of the oldest on the water seafood places in the area. It had tons of cool decor and pretty yummy food! Dave's shrimp was quite over seasoned, just pure salt and nearly inedible - but other than that it was all really good!

They ended up giving us some free desserts to make up for it. Very nice customer service. We couldn't get seated near the windows since we had such a large group and they only had small tables near the windows. Hopefully Dave and I can go again before the trip is over, just the two of us! But it was very fun to have a nice dinner out with the whole family. 

Dave and I went back to our hotel for the night, and tried watching some shows until we started falling asleep. Fun day with the family! Sad to say goodbye to D and Z and their little cuties as they fly home Wednesday night!

And this video was pretty easy to edit all together, thankfully! Enjoy!

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