Florida | May 2015 | Day 2 & 3

Since we just did dinner and hung out together for dinner, there isn't a whole lot to share from Sunday so I am just going to combine Sunday and today, Monday.

We went to church with Dave's family, just for sacrament. I brought plenty of dresses, but Dave didn't have church clothes, besides his kilt, if you can count that church clothes. Hahaha... The ward was so quite compared to our ward! They are pretty much a nearly dead ward, but I suppose that's expected in sunny Florida. 

We went home and I started working on my chocolate cake for mother's day while the boys started grilling up dinner. We had lots of yummy garlic lime chicken, jalapeno burgers, grilled corn, and other good stuff. 

Jared's girlfriend brought over a homemade Oreo cheesecake. Normally I don't care for cheesecake but it was so yummy! And I had a bit of my chocolate cake as well. It was all devoured pretty quickly! Good desserts don't last long with the Cavanaugh's! 

And we learned another important lesson along our travels; Start Seeing a Dentist Regularly! 

In High School Dave was boxing or something without a mouth guard and long story short, the back of his two front teeth got shaved off and he has fake backs on them. They are quite old and we have gone on and off of having insurance and neither of us have wanted to bother to go into the dentist. Well the backing of one fell off so it make it a bit difficult for Dave to chew food.

So this morning we called around and made an appointment with a local dentist at 1:00. We went at got smoothies for breakfast and drove around. We visited the De Soto National Memorial where Hernando De Soto, a Spanish explorer first landed and explored what is now the US, in 1539. It was actually pretty cool, with lots of trees, crystal clear water, and lots of walking trails.

I grabbed a sandwich at Jimmy Johns, some of which Dave cautiously ate and we watched some shows and Dave's parents place until it was time for his appointment.

They were very friendly there, and they were able to take care of him really quickly, thankfully! His dental insurance don't really cover anything, so it was a good chunk out of our pocket I wish we wouldn't have had to pay, but we are grateful it wasn't anything more serious, and was a quick and easy fix. But really, LESSON LEARNED. If you don't want to go to the dentist while on vacation, maybe think twice about not going in for over 5 years.

We got ready to go to the beach and headed off with the family. Man, this water really is a bit of paradise! Sand so soft. Water so blue. Stunning.

After a while of being in the water and soaking up the sun, Dave and I were pretty hungry since we hadn't eaten much that day. So we made our way to a taco place near by. It wasn't quite as good as we had hoped. It was good, but nothing very special, pretty similar to ones we would make at home. And a tad over priced, but that was rather expected for the area we were at. 

We then picked up some ice cream to share with the family and watched a movie.

Fun times! 

Since I combined two days, this video is a bit long. It ended up being pretty hard to process and get uploaded! It's not perfect, but I am pretty happy with it. Enjoy!

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