Florida | May 2015 | Day 1

It's been awhile since I blogged a trip day by day, but I am going to try to commit to documenting this trip before I forget anything! I am trying to also make a video of each day to end up being a movie of the whole trip, but I have had issues getting it edited, so we will see how that goes...

Last time we came to Florida we drove - which ended up being about 14.5 hours. Yikes. While fun to stop in Savannah which I LOVED we decided to save about 25 hours and just fly. My dad drove us into DCA (thanks dad!). We got some yummy unhealthy breakfast from Five Guys in the airport, what I think is the only, or one of very few Five Guys that sales breakfast.

Our flight was good, until the last 20 minutes, it was pretty bumpy! Landing always terrifies me. But luckily we landed in one piece, thank Heavens.

Every time we go on a trip there are lots of learning lessons. This trip we learned to never rent a car from an off-airport car rental place. We saved about $5 a day, but it took us an hour to get our car. YUCK. And then we had about an hour drive to the beach where we were meeting Dave's family.

Along the route there was a toll road, and from what I could find, we had no other options but to take a toll road. In VA most of the toll booths take credit card. Turns out in Florida they do not take credit card. Dave had cash somewhere in his bag, so I unbuckled, clambered into the back seat and tore into our bags, but with no luck. The sweet older lady at the toll booth was so sweet and just let us go. Thanks to her!!

This toll road lead to Sunshine Skyway Bridge. I didn't take photo, just video, hopefully I can add that to this post later, so for now here is a photo I snagged from the internet;

This picture really doesn't do it justice. It's probably one of the craziest roads I have ever been on. It literally looks like you are driving into the sky! Crazy.

The drive didn't feel all that long, and we knew when were close, we started recognizing the roads and where we were at from when we were in town at the beginning of the year. And soon enough we were with the family at the beach!

It's been so fun to spend time with Dave's family so far! Especially his older brothers little kids, Blake who is 5 and Naomi who is 2! They grow up too quick! Can't wait till we can all live back in Utah again! 

So excited to be back to these gorgeous white sandy beaches and lovely turquoise water! Can't wait to send the week in the water, hunting for seashells, getting tan and eating yummy food!

And I managed to get the video worked out! It's not perfect, but here it is!

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