Holland in Haymarket 2015

Pretty much across the street from where we live is a farm that sales produce in the summer, pumpkins at Halloween, trees at Christmas, and flowers in the Spring. This time of year you could drive by and see their little bit of land covered in tulips, all imported from Holland, and available for your picking (at a price, of course). Well this year, I was keeping my eye out for the tulips to start popping up, but only a small handful popped up across the little farm. 

I was a little bummed, since I had never stopped by to take photos the previous year. Maybe this winter was too cold, I thought. Maybe winter had lasted too long... 

But one day, heading home after a little drive along the country side;

So lush, so pretty. Can't get enough of the little rustic stone walls as well.

As we came home along the main road we whizzed by a farm, a huge rolling farm with rows and rows of tulips. Turns out the little farm wasn't so little and had a larger farm two miles down the road. Since what they call Holland in Haymarket had become so popular, they moved it this year to a larger plot of land. Much larger. 

I stopped by on a Friday afternoon, so it was a bit busier than ideal. I was hoping I would have the chance to make it back, but my chances are looking pretty slim, so I figured I would share the shots I did get.

I didn't pick any flowers, but I did sneak a shot of this lady and her pretty, filled basket. 
Thanks lady! 

So in love with spring in Virginia. It forces me to get outdoors and pull out my camera. I want to enjoy every second of it! Can it just stay spring forever please? 

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